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Paradigm exists to guide B2B companies through today’s complex and digitally-disrupted commerce landscape. B2B companies need differentiated customer experiences, but often struggle to create them. Paradigm offers high-quality but affordable advice that’s well-informed and immediately actionable.

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“Andy has unique insight into the thinking and behavior of B2B buyers and he knows how to help B2B sellers like us capture today's digital-first customers.”

– Mike Powers, Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Alaska Rubber Group

“You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who knows more about the B2B eCommerce software vendor landscape than Andy Hoar.”

– Allison Auclair, VP of Product Management at Oracle NetSuite

“Andy has been enormously valuable to providers like us over the years by helping to translate ever-evolving B2B eCommerce professionals’ needs and wants.”

– Brian Beck, Author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce & Managing Partner at Enceiba

B2B Strategic Services

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Strategy Advice

B2B buyers expect highly-personalized, frictionless B2C-like customer experiences – a tall order for B2B sellers with legacy business strategies and rigid partner ecosystems. Paradigm B2B works with B2B eCommerce pros to meet rising customer expectations and with software vendors and commerce service providers to differentiate their services.

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Competitive Analysis

Paradigm B2B is expert in the B2B space and can advise where opportunities and peril exists. For new entrants, understanding the space can make the difference between success and failure. For more mature vendors, Paradigm is an insurance policy against becoming irrelevant and stale.

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Profiling & Segmenting

B2B sellers must take a proactive approach with customers, know them intimately, and be opportunistic. Paradigm B2B has extensive experience working directly with B2B customers at both the user and seller level positioning products and services to meet highly-individualized B2B buying needs.

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